Impact Now Named Scholarship Initiative
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Make a difference today with a named Impact Now Scholarship! 

Using the form below, you can create and name a scholarship or student program fund in just a few minutes. Your new fund will be matched with a Drexel student and start making an impact! Impact Now Scholarships start with a commitment of $25,000 or more, payable over up to a 5-year period.

Not ready to name a scholarship yet? You can make an immediate impact on students with a gift of any amount.

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Payment schedules are fast and easy to set up for a $25,000 commitment! Your Impact Now Scholarship commitment can be paid over a period of five years, and can be established with monthly investments that will create opportunities for a current Drexel student. 

Payment Schedule  5 Years  3 Years

Payments Amount
 Payments Amount
 Monthly 60    $417 36  $695
 Quarterly 36   $1,250 12   $2,083
 Annually  $5,000  $8,333
Use these examples to select your preferred payment in the option below to fund your new scholarship, which will be awarded when $2,500 in payments is received.

My Impact Now Scholarship Details

Name your Impact Now Scholarship. As an Impact Now donor, you will be assigned a named fund that will display in any future acknowledgements, recognition listings, or related communications for a 5-year period.   

How to name your fund: 
[NAME] Impact Now Financial Aid 
  [NAME] Impact Now Scholarship for [SCHOOL OR COLLEGE OF YOUR CHOICE] 
  [NAME] Impact Now Co-Op Opportunities 

Recognition name must meet University Code of Conduct standards, and we have the authority to edit the name in consultation with you if submission does not meet those standards.